In-house Online Training

We can develop bespoke online training for your teams, tailored to ensure content is highly relevant, timely and inspirational.

We know that what a board member needs will be different to your marketing team or front-line workers. Our first step is to understand your core needs and audiences in order to provide the most impactful training.

We then develop a programme of webinars or symposia, using expert speakers to translate even the most nuanced topics in nutrition into easy-to-follow, informative and engaging content tailored to each audience.

Participants are provided with a code to access sessions, which are both live and interactive or available on demand.

Each provides learning materials and a CPD certificate of attendance. You can track progress and engagement, and we provide evaluation tools to measure success.


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If you and your colleagues would benefit from tailored online training in a nutrition and health topic of your choice, we’d love to hear from you.

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