About us

Our mission is to empower all professionals who act as change agents in food and health, through online learning.

As experts in nutrition health and communications with almost 30 years experience, we know how difficult it is for those in the sector to find time and budget to learn. What’s more, the opportunities available don’t always offer credible, practical advice.

Yet, as professionals and change agents in food and health, you are the ones who can have most influence on the health of the public and the planet. Your understanding of key issues and ability to share knowledge and impact eating habits is vital.

That’s why we created MyNutriWeb.

CPD-accredited , available to you free or low budget, our learning opportunities from events and courses to multiple support resources enable you to keep up-to-date with the latest scientific evidence and everyday practice.

Tailored to specific audiences, they’re created with leading experts hand-picked by our team and advisors.

Covering a broad range of hot topics, these learning opportunities provide insights benefiting both your professional development and day-to-day work.

Interactive and informative, you can join the live events and take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions directly to the experts.

If you miss one, you can watch at any time, on any device, by simply clicking on a recorded session.

We also offer bespoke online symposia and in-house training for organisations – an exceptional, cost-effective and accessible way to develop staff.

Meet the leadership team

MyNutriWeb was founded by the team at Nutrilicious, as a result of more than 20 years’ experience in nutrition and health communications. The team are:



Tanya is a qualified dietitian and nutritionist, specialising in public health nutrition communications.


Data and Insight Lead

Sharon’s marketing experience spans 20 years within a variety of businesses in numerous marketing, insights and research disciplines.


Brand Strategy and Operations Director

Suellen has over 20 years of brand partner and strategic marketing experience across leading corporate brands and upcoming SME’s.

Cordelia Woodward

Cordelia Woodward


Registered Dietitian with over 10 years’ experience working within various dietetic roles.

Morag Reavley

Website Lead

Morag is a digital specialist with twenty years’ experience of managing digital channels for high-profile and international organisations.

Pip Spratt

Technical Lead

Highly skilled and qualified brand designer with over 30 years experience in design, branding and digital. Working with high profile FMCG companies providing creative solutions to reflect and grow brand stories.

Sue Carlille

Community Lead

Sue is our Community Lead with over 30 years of experience in managerial and customer service roles within Blue Chip, private healthcare and international industry-leading companies.

We partner with

leading UK health and nutrition organisations

Accredited and proudly working with

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CN Awards ‘Nutrition Resource of the Year’

2022 winner


British Dietetic Association ‘Outstanding Achiever Award’

2022 winner MyNutriWeb CEO, Tanya Haffner

Nutrition Graduates ‘Nutrition Resource of the Year’

2021 winner


CN Awards ‘Nutrition Resource of the Year’

2021 winner


Caroline Walker Trust ‘Freelance Nutritionist of the Year’

2021 winner MyNutriWeb CEO, Tanya Haffner

CN Awards ‘Nutrition Resource of the Year’

2020 shortlist


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Please note, approval of each sponsor and activity is carefully assessed for suitability on a case by case basis. Sponsorship does not imply any endorsement of the brand by MyNutriWeb, its organisers, its moderators or any participating healthcare professional, or their association. Sponsorship funds are reinvested into the creation and promotion of professional development opportunities on MyNutriWeb.

Our charity partners

These are our chosen charities in 2022.


The Trussell Trust supports a nationwide network of food banks and provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty, and campaign for change to end the need for food banks in the UK.


The Jinja Educational Trust aims to improve the education, training and welfare of young people in Uganda so they can go on to acquire the necessary skills for a successful and fulfilling life. Much of the support involves training on food security which is a huge issue there. One of my colleagues  a Dietitian Smita Ganatra has helped to spear head this.