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for ways to train and educate
your employees or colleagues on
nutrition and health related matters?

At MyNutriWeb we offer bespoke training and learning solutions, tailored to ensure content is highly relevant, credible, timely and inspirational.
We know that what a board member needs will be different to a marketer or a front-line worker or volunteer. Our first step is to understand your core needs and audiences in order to provide the most impactful training.
We then develop a programme that translates even the most nuanced topics in nutrition into easy-to-follow, informative and engaging content .

We have worked with a range of sectors including;




Food service


Food industry and retail


Media and communications

Our bespoke solutions that are tailored to your needs:


· Webinars
· Training days
· On demand courses
· Expert panel discussions

With our online solutions you can track progress and evaluate learning to ensure your team have the information, insights and confidence they need for success.

Face to face


· Workshops
· Conferences
· Training days


We also create resources and toolkits to support various learning programmes.

We cover a wide range of nutrition, health and sustainable eating topics

Heart health



Gut health

Lifestyle & Weight Management

Mental Health


Child Health

Other popular learning topics include


• Onboarding teams with sustainability
• Developing a sustainability strategy
• What’s next for your sustainable food strategy?
• Varied sessions to suit different needs

All of the above can include a Virtual Reality assisted session to give leaders and colleagues the confidence, understanding and tools to advance their positive impact on the environment.

The state of the nation – related to health and/or sustainability

· Key statistics policies and reports
· Key consumer trends
· Stakeholder insights
· Key health and sustainable topics

Health Brand Team Training

· Developing a winning stakeholder strategy
  health brands
· Nutrition and Health Claims
· Recipe analysis
· Varied other topics on enquiry

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