Nutrition research reported in the media often highlights mixed or contradictory results between studies.
So how can you as a nutrition professional ensure you use the strongest available evidence to inform your practice?

Our online Journal Club covers tools and techniques to help you best understand and appraise research publications. Informative and interactive, we’ll examine and discuss example papers. Topics are relevant to both public health and clinical practice.

Everyone’s welcome, from students starting out to seasoned professionals.

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Tuesday 26 January 2021
Tuesday 23 February 2021
Tuesday 16 March 2021

Past Journal Club sessions

Journal Club members can access recordings of past sessions and download slides. Previous sessions include:

  • Top tips for reading and reviewing a paper Dr Caroline Childs, University of Southampton
  • Energy content of frequently purchased restaurant meals Dr Sue Reeves, University of Roehampton
  • The common cold – could probiotics help? Dr Gemma Walton, University of Reading
About Dr Sarah E. Hillier

Dr Sarah E. Hillier is the Course Leader for the Applied Human Nutrition Programme at Solent University, Southampton. She is a Fellow of the HEA, a Registered Nutritionist (RNutr) and a regional rep for London & SE. Sarah believes Purbeck Honeycomb Hash is the best ice cream in the world.

Upcoming session

Session 4: Can a mobile app improve nutrition for women before and during pregnancy?
Tuesday, 26 January 2021, 8pm
Dr Sarah Hillier, Course Leader for the Applied Human Nutrition Programme at Solent University, Southampton.
Chaired by Dr Caroline Elizabeth Childs BSc (Hons) PhD RNutr.

This session will discuss the May 2020 article exploring the effectiveness of the Smarter Pregnancy app designed by the Erasmus Medical Centre team in the Netherlands. The lifestyle intervention app aims to empower women to adapt a healthy diet prior to conception and during early pregnancy.

Virtually all scientific papers can be accessed online via sci-hub (including this one).

Learning objectives:
Clear understanding of:
• The effects of poor nutrition on pregnancy and maternal outcomes
• The effectiveness of nutrition lifestyle apps for supporting healthy eating

Be aware of:
• Pre-trial protocol publications
• Conflicts of interest
• Limitations of mobile apps

Be able to:
• Critically analyse a Randomised Control Trial
• Consider how/if this research may be used in practice

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Dr Caroline Childs, Journal Club Chair 

Each session is chaired by Dr Caroline Childs, Nutrition and Metabolism subject lead in Medicine at the University of Southampton. She received student-nominated awards for ‘most engaging lecturer’ and ‘best pastoral support’ and a colleague-nominated award for teaching excellence. Dr Childs is a Nutrition Society Ambassador and a South East Regional Representative for the Association for Nutrition.

As she says, “Developing skills in critical appraisal is an essential part of being a competent nutrition professional – whether you’re a dietitian, nutritionist or health professional specialising in nutrition.”


This season has been CPD approved by the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and the Association for Nutrition (AfN).

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