Season 2 Making Sense of Research Papers

MyNutriWeb Journal Club Schedule

The MyNutriWeb Journal Club supports nutrition professionals to ensure they use the strongest available evidence to inform practice.

In this season’s series, we cover tools and techniques to help members best understand and appraise research publications, through the examination and discussion of example papers selected by leading nutrition guest experts.

This season will be facilitated by Dr Caroline Childs, Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences within Medicine at the University of Southampton. Each session will feature a guest expert who will be invited to review a paper of their choice, a recent paper which is open access (not their own). Papers will be shared with members in advance to read and prepare questions for discussion.

MyNutriWeb Journal Club is closed environment for all health professionals who sign up to the Club
All club members must register for each live event.

The sessions will be recorded. The recordings may be shared with members post live event.

Season 2 schedule:

• Tuesday 12th October – TBC Sue Reeves
• Tuesday 16th November – Athlete Nutrition Dr Neil Williams
• Tuesday 14th December – Decolonising Obesity Dr Fatima Perez de Heredia Benedicte
• Tuesday 11th January – Diabetes No Mare: A Dream Coming True Professor Mike Lean
• Tuesday 8th February – TBC Sue Reeves
• Tuesday 15th March – Health before Pregnancy to Improve Outcome of Pregnancy Dr Angela Flynn

Dr Caroline Childs, Journal Club Season 2 Chair

Each session will be chaired by Dr Caroline Childs, Nutrition and Metabolism subject lead in Medicine at the University of Southampton. She received student-nominated awards for ‘most engaging lecturer’ and ‘best pastoral support’ and a colleague-nominated award for teaching excellence. Dr Childs is a Nutrition Society Ambassador and a South East Regional Representative for the Association for Nutrition.

As she says, “Developing skills in critical appraisal is an essential part of being a competent nutrition professional – whether you’re a dietitian, nutritionist or health professional specialising in nutrition.”

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Members-only access

Journal Club members can access recordings of past sessions and download slides. Previous sessions from Season 1 included:

• Top tips for reading and reviewing a paper Dr Caroline Childs, University of Southampton
• Energy content of frequently purchased restaurant meals Dr Sue Reeves, University of Roehampton
• The common cold – could probiotics help? Dr Gemma Walton, University of Reading
• Can a mobile app improve nutrition for women before and during pregnancy? Dr Sarah Hillier, University of Southampton
• Time-restricted eating for obesity management Dr Fatima Perez de Heredia, Liverpool John Moores University

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This season has been CPD approved by the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and the Association for Nutrition (AfN).


Once you have viewed a full recorded session the mynutriweb team will review and arrange to send you your certificate via email from within two weeks of viewing the session.