By Tanya Haffner RD, CEO of MyNutriWeb

As we emerge from 2022, we have been reflecting on what we’ve achieved in the past year (we curated over 57 in-depth learning opportunities!) and are using this to forge the path towards what we do next.

At MyNutriWeb we are on a mission! A mission to improve human and planetary health. You are part of a 22.5k+ strong community and you are vital to the change our planet needs.

Supporting you, the professionals who influence how the UK population eats with the tools and knowledge to make positive change, is one of the critical pathways to fixing our broken health and food systems.

If we can positively support you in influencing thousands or millions of people through the 1:1 conversations you have, or through your social media or media communications…..the cascade of influence and impact becomes undeniable.

There is so much to share and to be learnt from one another and we believe that together we can have greater impact – a fundamental belief of our founder, Tanya Haffner, who also helped to develop the first cross sector national nutrition and health conferences and text books back in 1999.

Thank you for all the fantastic work you do.


So what can you expect from MyNutriWeb in 2023?


An evolving portfolio of learning events

We have been working hard to bring you a fantastic programme of learning opportunities in 2023. Following on from the success of the events ran in 2022 and looking at the nutritional landscape, we have developed events that push this further and will give you the most up to date information as we get it.

Take a look at our 2023 calendar below:

Note – Of course, this is not exhaustive or set in stone and we will make adjustments throughout the year should the need arise. Any updates will be reflected on our website so don’t forget to check back regularly.


More evidence based articles and resources

Led by Dietitian, Cordelia Woodward, our key resources blogs, which support each webinar, roundtable, and symposia, will continue to carefully collate relevant resources and the latest references pertaining to that topic area, ranging from science to practice. These are kept updated as new information comes to light and have been highly valued by you, our community.

We will also continue to build upon our extensive collection of evidence-based feature blogs from both our team and carefully chosen guest experts, each with the very latest research and references.

If you have suggestions for adding more resources to any of these, please do let us know.


Continuation of our new learning formats

2022 saw the launch of a number of new formats for the MyNutriWeb brand.


In June 2022, we launched the MyNutriBookClub. This has been in collaboration with Registered Associate Nutritionist, Holly Roper and Registered Dietitian, Corrine Toyn.  MyNutriBookClub offers a space for constructive discussions about popular books written by experts and thought leaders in nutrition, health and sustainability. Book themes for the club include health promotion, public health, food policy, food systems, gut health and sports nutrition. In 2023, we will continue to run these sessions once a quarter, giving members plenty of time to read in advance. But don’t worry if you don’t get to read the book or finish it, as it’s still very worthwhile attending regardless to get the key take outs with our welcoming hosts and guest authors.

MyNutriWeb Journal Club

The monthly MyNutriWeb Journal Club attendance and engagement has grown in 2022. Chaired by the one and only Professor Caroline Childs, who continues to be rated as one of our top experts and community mentors. We feel honoured to have her support and guidance for this crucial skill building. Our Journal Club supports all health and food professionals, tutors and students, to ensure they use the strongest available nutrition evidence and critical thinking skills to inform their practice and communications – which is increasingly important in this age of misinformation. Check out our top tips for reviewing a paper which may just come in handy as nutrition research explodes again in the January headlines.


Experts and Partnerships

We have continued to expand and strengthen relations with our carefully chosen experts and partnered with like-minded organisations to bring you the best content and the most up to date learning and knowledge. In 2022, we worked directly with 91 international experts whom have kindly shared their expertise and knowledge with our community in webinars, roundtables, blogs, symposia and more! We have thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every one and extend a huge thank you to all who have contributed to the MyNutriWeb mission.

We have also partnered with like-minded organisations and businesses who align with our mission, working this year with 22 partners.

Our partnership with MyNutriWeb has been of great benefit to WCRF, helping us to reach new audiences with our vital cancer prevention and survivorship information. Their expertise has meant we can deliver high quality, accredited and engaging webinars to the nutrition and health community.  They have an impressive network of professionals, so these webinars are not only great quality, but reach thousands of people who can embed the learning into their day-to-day work. MyNutriWeb is an exciting and innovative education platform that we are proud to be part of”.

Rachel Clark, Health Promotion Manager, WCRF

“MyNutriWeb are true experts in delivering on very credible accessible nutrition and health learning opportunities for stakeholders. Their professionalism, knowledge and wide network ensures impactful stakeholder communications and ultimately a powerful route to the consumer”

Kate Arthur, Consumer Nutrition Manager, Danone 2022

If you are working for an organisation or business committed to nutrition, health and sustainability and are seeking to share your news with our community please do get in touch with us to explore potential partnership opportunities in 2023.


Our wider influence

Beyond directly supporting professionals and influencers, we have an ambition to utilise the collective voice and power of our community along with our team’s expertise and connections to support and drive better food policy and communications. Specific ways in which we plan to progress this include the following:

o   Gathering insights and votes from the community on critical issues and sharing with relevant parties and organisations

o   Collating and publishing key research reviews – gain sharing with relevant parties and organisations

o   Collaborations with like-minded with partners where we can achieve more together

o   Providing forums for nuanced dialogue and consensus decisions

If you have other ideas or want to get involved do get in touch or in relation to partnerships.


Our advisory committee

In 2023 we will formalise our advisory board, bringing together key experts and communicators across the curriculum and different sectors to advise on our programme and calendar of activities. How we educate more professionals and better, how we deal with misinformation and how we can help to drive better food policy will also be on our agenda.


Funding the mission and contributions

MyNutriWeb has largely been funded to date from Nutrilicious consultancy and communciations, owned by Tanya Haffner, in addition to some carefully chosen partner donations, in exchange for suitable promotional opportunities. However, much more funding is required to continue the mission allowing us to do more for you as well as supporting more professionals. This is why we are introducing “contributions” in 2023.

In our previous survey we asked if members would be happy to contribute financially and were pleased to see such a positive response. We will continue to run free and low budget accredited learning opportunities, but we will ask for contributions. We simply ask that if you are happy with what we are providing you, that you make a contribution of your choice, when possible, to support the mission and enable us to keep creating learning opportunities for all professionals.


Top Secret Exciting New Format

We have some exciting news in the coming weeks and months which we will be sharing with all our community. We are just finalising everything for launch but keep your eyes peeled for more news coming soon!

In the meantime, we really want to ask you some questions!


We really want to hear from you

At the end of this month, we will release our annual community survey. We really want to hear from you about your needs and what else we can create for you or hear any feedback that you have. We will be running an exciting competition for all those taking part – watch out for this very soon.

We look forward to sharing more as the days and weeks progress and if you have any further thoughts at any time, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line (or just pop a comment below!).

We are really excited to see what 2023 brings next and look forward to continuing to support you in your journey but, in the meantime, we wanted to thank you for your ongoing support and to wish our community, colleagues and partners across the globe a truly healthy and peaceful 2023.

Tanya x