Nutrition & Environmental considerations

Ruth Harvey, Dr Emma Derbyshire


Nutrition & Environmental considerations

Ruth Harvey, Dr Emma Derbyshire





Nutrition & Environmental considerations


  • Why sustainable diets and the urgency for shifting populations to eat sustainably?
  • What eating sustainably entails
  • Why our protein intakes need to change
  • Latest protein intakes and recommendations
  • Future Protein


  • Key protein sources and impact on nutrition, planet and health
  • The practical “how to” of helping the nation to eat more sustainable protein without compromising nutritional status
  • British Dietetic Associations (BDA) sustainable diets activity
  • Credible references for further reading


  • Confidently encourage all clients / patients to enjoy sustainable protein sources
  • Provide credible and practicable advice for enjoyment of sustainable protein sources that will improve nutritional status
  • Overcome sustainable protein source myths

Please note, webinars are not intended to be used by non-medically qualified individuals or as a substitute for, or basis for any medical treatment.

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Melissa Mogor

Expert speakers

Ruth Harvey
RD, BSc, PgDip Pod & Pea Nutrition, Chair of the Sustainable Diets Group, British Dietetic Association

Ruth has been a dietitian for over 12 years having worked within the NHS, Australia, research and freelance. Ruth has further qualifications in paediatric nutrition, sports nutrition, low FODMAP and workplace nutrition.

Ruth is the owner of Pod&Pea Nutrition, a private practice focusing on nutrition for women including fertility, pregnancy and post-natal nutrition. Ruth advises on infant nutrition, including weaning and fussy eating. Ruth also works with clients suffering from IBS. Ruth advocates for more sustainable eating and is Chair of the BDA’s Sustainable Diets Specialist Group.

Adele Hug

Dr Emma Derbyshire
Registered Public Health Nutritionist, Nutritional Insight

Emma Derbyshire, PhD, is a registered public health nutritionist and award-winning nutrition and health writer. She has a degree in Nutritional Biochemistry, PhD in human nutrition and experienced background in academia, research and advisory work. Emma has written over 150 peer-reviewed publications, as well as contributing to scientific documents for the public sector, journal and healthcare articles, books and textbooks.
She is the founder of Nutritional Insight limited, a consultancy to food and healthcare companies, Government organisations, top publishing houses, PR agencies and national newspapers.

Tanya Haffner, MD RD Nutrilicious.


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Quorn Nutrition is a brand-new website that includes a range of evidence-based resources on sustainable nutrition primarily for health professionals such as RNutr and RD, but also for students, and anyone interested in the wonders of mycoprotein and it’s effect on our health. Healthy and sustainable food is at the heart of what Quorn does and it is their philosophy that the health of our bodies and the health of our planet can no longer be separated. Both depend on creating a regenerative and healthy food production system which supports our health and is kind to our planet.
The Quorn nutrition team invites you to explore their peer-reviewed, world-leading scientific research programme, learn all about their main ingredient, mycoprotein, and discover how you can help those wanting to reduce their meat intake.

Quorn Foods understand and appreciate the importance of evidence-based science, and so that’s why they have their own in-house Registered Associate Nutritionist Holly Roper and Sustainable Development Manager Tess Kelly working alongside strategic partners such as the BDA and the BNF on exciting new projects for you and your clients. Visit www.quornnutrition.com to find out more, and you can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date.

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