Following on from our webinar on ’Cost of Living Crisis – What Does It Mean for UK Diets?’, we’ve pulled together some of the key resources and references discussed within the webinar. If you missed the live webinar, you can register to watch the recording.


The State of the Nation’s Food Industry report (2022). The Food Foundation. Report assessing how the out of home and retail sectors are performing on both their sustainability and health commitments, showcasing examples of best practice and leadership, as well as identifying businesses that are consistently falling short

The Broken Plate (2022). The Food Foundation. The State of the Nation’s Food System annual report

The Broken Plate At A Glance (2022). The Food Foundation. Summary version of the above report

Family Evening Mealtimes (2022). Veg Power. Market insight report which includes survey into vegetable consumption in different income families

Peas Please Progress Report (2022). The Food Foundation. 5th Peas Please Progress Report, showing progress has stalled with pledgers across the food system

New data show 4 million children in households affected by food insecurity (2022). The Food Foundation. Food insecurity statistics

What’s In Store For The Planet (2022). World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The impact of the UK shopping basket on climate and nature

Tracking the price of the lowest-cost grocery items, UK, experimental analysis: April 2021 to September 2022 (2022). Office for National Statistics. How the prices of the lowest-cost products for 30 everyday items have changed since April 2021

Hungry for Change Report (2020). Bite Back. Report highlighting significant changes in young people’s eating habits and attitudes to food since the start of lockdown

Retailer Toolkit. The Food Foundation. The challenge, and how much veg sales ought to grow by to be in line with UK’s dietary guidance


Britons shift from fresh to frozen in cost-of-living crunch (2022). Reuters. Study showing how fresh foods are being hit particularly hard

Fresh produce sales drop as consumer pressure bites (2022). Baker, M. Study showing volume sales of all foods are falling

Socio-demographic characteristics, diet and health among food insecure UK adults (2020). Yau A et al. Cross-sectional analysis of the International Food Policy Study

Food Insecurity and Child Health (2019). Thomas et al. Policies used to reduce household food insecurity among children may also reduce children’s chronic and acute health problems and health care needs


@BDA_Sustainable (Twitter) and @bda_sustainablediets (Instagram) for the specialist group


Resources from Veg Power including:


Veg Power Recipes


Seasonal Veg Guide

Simply Veg – Campaign with helpful tips to promote affordable veg packed meals

Budget Bites (2022). World Cancer Research Fund. New free cookbook with budget friendly recipes

Dietitians’ top tips to eat well on a budget (2022). British Dietetic Association. Useful top tips including how to cook smarter to save money

Eat well, spend less (2021). British Dietetic Association. Food fact sheet


Love Food, Hate Waste – many resources and recipes to support budget friendly diets

Eat Well For Less Recipes – collection of budget friendly recipes

7 Days of Healthy Meals on a Budget (2022). British Heart Foundation. Meal planner for one week

Podcasts. The Food Foundation. Team of young food ambassadors providing inspirational podcasts

@Food_Foundation (Twitter), (Instagram) and the food foundation (LinkedIn) for The Food Foundation

@The_A_To_V (Twitter) for Rebecca Tobi, Webinar Speaker, RNutr Food Foundation

@VegPowerUK (Twitter) for Veg Power

@PeasPleaseUK (Twitter) for Peas Please UK

@simplyveguk (Instagram) for Simply Veg Campaign