Following on from our webinar ‘Fussy Eating in Toddlers’, we’ve pulled together some key resources on the various topics covered throughout the day. We’ve included the key resources mentioned within the webinars, as well as additional practical resources and useful places to go to look for information on the topics, including websites and social media accounts. If you missed the live webinar, you can register to watch the recording.


Feeding young children aged 1 to 5 years: draft SACN report (2022). SACN. Draft report for ages 1-5. SACN guidance

How parents describe picky eating and its impact on family meals: A qualitative analysis (2017). Trofholz AC et al. Qualitative research investigating how parent’s define picky eating, how they respond to it, and how they see picky eating impacting their child’s dietary intake or the family meal.

Child and parent predictors of picky eating from preschool to school age (2017). Steinsbekk S et al. Study finding that interventions targeting children’s sensory sensitivity, as well as parental sensitivity and structuring, might reduce the risk of childhood pickiness

Picky/fussy eating in children (2015). Taylor CM et al. Review of definitions, assessment, prevalence and dietary intakes

Trajectories of picky eating during childhood: A general population study (2015). Cardona Cano S et al. Study suggesting that picky eating is usually a transient behaviour and part of normal development in preschool children.

Food neophobia and its relation with olfaction (2014). Demattè ML et al. Discussion of the the latest evidences about olfaction and food neophobia

Toward an operative diagnosis of fussy/picky eating: a latent profile approach in a population-based cohort (2014). Tharner A et al. Study which looked into identifying eating behaviour profiles reflecting fussy/picky eating in children and characteristics of fussy eaters.


How to Cope with Fussy Eating (2022). Charlotte Stirling-Reed. Downloadable factsheet

How To Feed Your Toddler: Everything you need to know to raise happy, independent little eaters (2022). Charlotte Stirling-Reed. Latest book from Charlotte Stirling-Reed focusing on fussy eating for toddlers.

Healthy Recipes. Charlotte Stirling-Reed. Many healthy recipes all available free to view online

10 Healthy Kid’s Meal Ideas for Picky Eaters. Charlotte Stirling-Reed. Charlotte’s favourite healthy meal ideas that are popular with many kids

How Can I Get My Toddler to Eat More? Charlotte Stirling-Reed. Top tips for fussy eaters

Fussy Eating Workshops (Ongoing dates available). Charlotte Stirling-Reed. Designed for parents or carers to those with a baby or toddler showing signs of fussy eating

Why is my toddler a fussy eater? Charlotte Stirling-Reed. Blog by Charlotte exploring the reasons behind fussy eating and how to know if a child is actually a fussy eater

Factsheet on fussy eatingFussy Eaters (2021). National Health Service (NHS). Practical advice from the NHS including a video explaining managing a fussy eater

What to Feed Young Children. (2019). NHS. Tips on the different sorts of food to offer your child, plus a few it’s best to avoid

Vitamins for Children. (2021). NHS. Useful advice on vitamins and minerals, including the use of supplements

Learning to Love Vegetables. British Nutrition Foundation. Tips to encourage children to eat vegetables

Fussy Eating in ChildrenNHS. A series of webinars by the NHS, Patient Webinars by BDA dietitians

Nutrition in the Early Years MattersBritish Nutrition Foundation. Helena Gibson-Moore discusses how good nutrition in the early years matters.

Children. British Nutrition Foundation. Information on a healthy varied diet for children, healthy weight, diet and dental health, salt, school food and vegetarian and vegan diets


@SR_Nutrition (Twitter) for Charlotte Stirling-Reed

@BDA_Paediatric Group (Twitter) and bdapaediatric (Instagram) for the British Dietetic Association’s Paediatric Group

@dr.martha.psychologist (Instagram) for Dr Martha Deiros Collado – Clincial Psychologist interested in the science of childhood (as recommended by Charlotte Stirling-Reed)

@themunchingmedic (Instagram) for Dr Kiran Rahmin – Paediatric Doctor(as recommended by Charlotte Stirling-Reed)