Following on from our webinar ’Type 2 Diabetes & South Asian Diets’, we’ve pulled together some of the key resources and references discussed within the webinar, plus some additional ones on the topic. We have also included useful websites and social media accounts recommended to keep up to date on the subject. If you missed the live webinar, you can watch the recording.


Culturally appropriate care (2021). Care Quality Commission. Guidance for providers into culturally appropriate care

Population of England and Wales (2020). GOV UK. Main facts and figures for the total population of England and Wales, including percentage from Asian ethnic groups

Promoting health and preventing premature mortality in black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups (2018). NICE. Quality standard [QS167]

Type 2 Diabetes: Prevention in People at High Risk (2017). NICE. Guidelines for the prevention of type 2 diabetes, including risk for South Asians

The South Asian community health education and empowerment (SACHE) in diabetes programme (2016). Primary Care Diabetes Society (PCDS). Results from a programme  developed for South Asian people with diabetes

The Cost of Diabetes Report (2012). Diabetes UK. Report including statistics into the complications of diabetes such as blindness and amputations

Ayurvedic  treatments for diabetes mellitus (2011). Sridharen at al. Systematic review into the use of complimentary therapy (Ayurvedic medicine) highlighting that further studies are needed

Cultural barriers to diabetes care in South Asians: arranged marriage – arranged complications? (2004). Goenka et al. Case study showing the adverse effects of not accepting treatment for diabetes


Recipe finder. A collection of recipes nutritionally analysed and considered healthy for those with diabetes

Diabetes information in different languages. Resources and information translated into several different languages

Imam and Mosque.  Information for the importance of fasting safely through Ramadan

Risk of type 2 diabetes in the south asian community. Tips to reduce the chances of developing type 2 diabetes for the South Asian Communities

Your flavour toolbox for south asian cooking. Tips to make traditional south asian foods healthier

Diabetes UK: Healthy Eating for the South Asian community. 24 page leaflet for patients covering dietary advice for the South Asian Community

@DiabetesUK (Twitter), DiabetesUK (Instagram) and Diabetes UK (Website) for Diabetes UK

@DiabetesUKProf (Twitter) and Diabetes UK Professionals (Website) for Diabetes UK Professionals


The Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme was designed and tested by a multi-disciplinary, diabetes specialist team, consisting of nurses, dietitians, podiatrists, health care assistants, general practitioners and hospital consultants.  It is based on the UK, nationally recognised, diabetes framework of competencies for healthcare practitioners, to ensure that they have the right diabetes skills and knowledge to support patients living with diabetes.

Website – Online diabetes competency-based training for healthcare staff

@CDEPDiabetes (Twitter) and @cdepdiaebtes (Instagram) accounts


South Asian Food Dishes (2021). Diabetes My Way. Practical advice for making traditional South Asian meals healthier

Your healthy kitchen targets South Asian families to help prevent diabetes. (2019). Leicester City CCG. Article about what Your Healthy Kitchen can offer including recipe videos for South Asian dietsBooklet 'Taste of South Asia'

World Foods .(2019). Salma Mehar, Dr Joan St JohnChris Cheyette and Yello BaloliaA visual guide to African, Arabic, Caribbean and South Asian foods for diabetes & weight management

Helping Hands (2017). HEAL-D. Your handy guide to carbohydrate portion size, used within a culturally tailored diabetes self-management support programme

How Do I Become Culturally Competent? (2010). Rebecca A. Clay. Article highlighting the benefits of cultural competence

Your Healthy KitchenNHS Leicestershire City Clinical Commissioning Group. Recipe booklet showing how to cook traditional foods with a healthy twist including curries and chapatis

Taste of South AsiaBritish Heart Foundation. 30 recipes easy to prepare Asian recipes made healthier

South Asian Diets and Cholesterol .HEART UK. Practical advice for lowering cholesterol and making healthy dietary choices within the South Asian diet


@FareehaJay (Twitter), @dietitian_fareehajay (Instagram) and FareehaJay (Website) for webinar speaker, Fareeha Jay

@BameConnect (Twitter) for Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) Connect

@diversenutr (Twitter), @diversenutritionassociation (Instagram) and The Diverse Nutrition Association (Website) for the Diverse Nutrition Association

@DSG_BDA (Twitter) for the British Dietetic Association’s Diabetes Specialist Group

Facebook Public Group Aap Ki DietitiaFareeha Jay. Public group on facebook developed by Fareeha Jay for members to share their food pictures and meals


South Asian Eatwell guide (2021). 60 minute webinar with Fareeha Jay RD discussing the importance of culturally competent advice and the use of her new South Asian Eatwell Guide. Supporting Key Resources.

South Asian Eatwell Guide (2021). Blog post by Fareeha Jay around the new Eatwell Guide where you can download the PDF of the South Asian Eatwell Guide

Sugar Awareness in the South Asian Diet (2021). Blog post by Fareeha Jay with practical advice for sugar within the South Asian diet

Masala Oats Recipe (2021) – Recipe video showing how to make Fareeha Jay’s masala oats