Following on from our webinar Ultra-processed Foods: The SACN Update we’ve pulled together some of the key resources and references discussed within the webinar. If you missed the live webinar, you can register to watch the recording.

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) report

SACN statement on processed foods and health – full report (2023). SACN. The full 170 page report.

SACN statement on processed foods and health – summary report (2023). SACN. The summary.

The report by SACN on processed foods

Other related reports, position statements and articles

SACN position statement on processed foods and health (2023). British Nutrition Foundation (BNF). Key outcomes from the report.

The Broken Plate (2023). The Food Foundation. Flagship annual report documenting the health of our food system. Includes metrics into ultra-processed foods (UPF) consumption.

The Broken Plate report 2023

Position statement on the concept of ultra-processed foods (UPF) (2023). BNF.  Position statement released April 2023.

Expert reaction to SACN statement on processed foods and health (2023). Science Media Centre. Views from various experts around the report.

Latest SACN report on ultra-processed foods: will it affect baby formula milks (2023). Network Health Digest (NHD). Ellie-May Evans, RD explores how the UPF class cation may impact the future of formula milks.

The NOVA classification system

The NOVA classification system: A critical perspective in food science (2021). Petrus et al. 

Ultra-processed foods, diet quality, and health using the NOVA classification system (2019). Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 

Ultra-processed foods: what they are and how to identify them (2019). Monteiro et al. 

Practical resources

Eating processed foods (2023). NHS. Practical advice including how processed foods can be consumed as part of a healthy diet.

Ultra-processed foods: how bad are they for your health? (2023). British Heart Foundation (BHF). Practical advice from senior dietitian at the BHF.

What is ultra-processed food and should we be worried about it? (2022). World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF). Advice and viewpoint on UPF from the WCRF.

Processed food (2021). The British Dietetic Association. Position statement.

Social media for roundtable experts

@HelloHealthyYou (Twitter) and @jenny_rosborough (Instagram) for Jenny Rosborough, Registered Nutritionist

Dr Duane Mellor Senior Teaching Fellow Aston Medical School Aston University

@DrDuaneRD (Twitter) for Dr Duane Mellor, Registered Dietitian
@nicsnutrition(Twitter) and @nicsnutrition (Instagram) for Nichola Ludlam-Raine, Registered Dietitian
@GavinWren (Twitter), @gavin.wren (Instagram) and Gavin Wren (TikTok) for Gavin Wren, Food Systems Consultant
@TanyaHaffnerRD (Twitter) and @tanahaffnerdietitian (Instagram) for Tanya Haffner (chair of roundtable), Registered Dietitian and CEO of MyNutriWeb


UPFS or HFSS? Are Ultra-processed foods worse for our health than the fat, sugar and salt they contain? (2023). Dr Duane Mellor

Ultra-processed foods and heart health (2023). The role of NOVA. Jenny Rosborough.