Following on from our women’s health symposium, we’ve pulled together some of the key resources and references discussed within the webinar. If you missed the live sessions, you can register to watch the recordings.

Talk – Government Strategies on Nutrition in Pregnancy

Government Support for Breastfeeding and the 2023 Lancet Series (2023). UK Parliament

The 2023 Lancet Series on Breastfeeding (2023). The Lancet

Preconception care strategy (2023). UK Parliament

Women’s Health Strategy for England (2022). Department of Health and Social Care. Policy paper

Amending the Bread and Flour Regulations 1998 and the Bread and Flour Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1998 (2022). Department for Environmental Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA). 

Restricting promotions of products high in fat, sugar or salt by location and by volume price (2022). Department of Health & Social Care

UK Gov Soft Drinks Industry Levy (2018). Legislation Gov UK. Regulations for the sugar tax

Feeding in the First Year of Life Report (2018). SACN. Report on feeding in the first year of life

Maternal and Child Nutrition (2014). NICE. Public health guidance PH11

SACN Early Life Nutrition Report (2011). SACN. Advice on the influence of maternal, fetal and child nutrition on the development of chronic disease in later life

Weight Management Before, During and After Pregnancy (2010). NICE. Public health guidance PH27

Talk – Engaging adolescents in changing their behaviour

@BarkerSoton (Twitter) for Mary Barker – session speaker

Child and adolescent deaths (2022). Fadel et al. A call for strengthening mortality surveillance systems

A cluster-randomised controlled trial of the LifeLab education intervention to improve health literacy in adolescents (2021). Woods Townsend et al. This study was carried out to evaluate whether an educational intervention, which engages adolescents in science, can improve their health literacy and behaviours

Engaging adolescents in changing behaviour (EACH-B) (2020). Strömmer S et al. A study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial to improve dietary quality and physical activity

A Systematic Review of Digital Interventions for Improving the Diet and Physical Activity Behaviors of Adolescents (2017). Rose et al. Evidence on the effectiveness of digital interventions to improve diet quality and increase physical activity in adolescents

Talk – Nutritional Interventions in Endometriosis

@Kmaslin (Twitter) for Kate Maslin – session speaker

Endometriosis UK

Nutritional practices and dietetic provision in the endometriosis population, with a focus on functional gut symptoms (2023). Kumar et al. Gut symptoms and dietary restriction are very common in  individuals with endometriosis; however, dietetic input is not

Endometriosis (2022). ESHRE. Guideline to offer best practice on the care of women with endometriosis

Effectiveness of Dietary Interventions in the Treatment of Endometriosis: a Systematic Review (2022). Nirgianakis K et al. The role of dietary interventions

Endometriosis in the UK: Time for Change (2020). All Party Parliamentary Group on Endometriosis (APPG). Inquiry report

The effects of nutrients on symptoms in women with endometriosis: a systematic review (2020). Huijs E and Nap A. Systematic review of 12 studies finding that intake of additional fatty acids, antioxidants and a combination of vitamins and minerals may have a positive effect on endometriosis-associated symptoms

Endometriosis: Diagnosis and Management (2017). NICE. NICE guidelines NG73

Talk  – Eating Disorders in the Perinatal Period

@DrAbigailEaster (Twitter) for Dr Abigail Easter – session speaker

Training animation for healthcare professionals 

Eating Disorders and Pregnancy – Resources and nutrition leaflets

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5-TR)American Psychiatric Association.  Diagnostic criteria

OSFEDBeat. Information on other specified feeding or eating disorder (OSFED)

Responses to warnings about the impact of eating disorders on fertility: a qualitative study (2018). Holmes. Data from 24 semi-structured interviews

Barriers to identifying eating disorders in pregnancy and in the postnatal period: a qualitative approach (2018). Bye et al. The barriers identified in this research need to be addressed if recognition and response to women with eating disorders during the perinatal period is to improve

Talk – The Menopause Transition

@saraheeberry (Twitter) for Sarah Berry – session speaker

Menopause: diagnosis and management (2015). NICE. NICE guideline [NG23

Talk  – Atherosclerosis: not just a man’s disease

@hall_wendy (Twitter) for Wendy Hall – session speaker

Women’s Health Strategy for England (2022). Department of Health and Social Care. Policy paper

The Canadian Women’s Heart Health Alliance Atlas on the Epidemiology, Diagnosis, and Management of Cardiovascular Disease in Women (2022). Mulvagh et al. Chapter 4: Sex- and Gender-Unique Disparities: CVD Across the Lifespan of a Woman

Long-term cardiovascular outcomes of gestational diabetes mellitus (2022). Lee et al. A prospective UK Biobank study

Sex Differences in Ischemic Heart Disease (2018).Aggarwal et al. Advances, Obstacles, and Next Steps

Preterm Delivery and Future Risk of Maternal Cardiovascular Disease (2018). Wu et al. A systematic review and meta-analysis

Association between the reproductive health of young women and cardiovascular disease in later life: umbrella review (2020). Okoth et al. From menarche to menopause, reproductive factors

were associated with cardiovascular disease in women

Estrogen effects on arteries vary with stage of reproductive life and extent of subclinical atherosclerosis progression (2018). Clarkson T. Reproductive stage is a major determinant of the effect of estrogens on atherosclerosis progression, complications, and plaque vulnerability

Menopause and Diet (2019). British Dietetic Association. Fact sheet including advice on heart health

Combined oral contraceptives (2015). Roach et al. The risk of myocardial infarction and ischaemic stroke

Early age at menarche associated with cardiovascular disease and mortality (2009). Lakshman et al. Early age at menarche (before age 12 yr) was associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease events

Talk – Bariatric Surgery in Pregnancy

@DrKathes (Twitter) for Dr Kathryn Hart – session speaker

Precision nutrition in the context of bariatric surgery (2023). Aguas-Ayesa, M. et al. This review summarizes the main nutritional deficiencies before and after bariatric surgery, as well as current dietary and supplementation recommendations to avoid them

National Obesity Audit Dashboard (2023)

Obesity: identification, assessment and management. Clinical guideline (2022). NICE. CG189

Impact of bariatric surgery on breastfeeding: a systematic review (2022). Adsit & Hewlings. This systematic review suggests that breastfeeding after bariatric surgery should be recommended along with monitoring and micronutrient supplementation

Micronutrient supplementation in pregnancies following bariatric surgery (2021). Vanheule G et al. A practical review for clinicians. The impact of malabsorptive bariatric surgeries on pregnancy outcomes, nutrient deficiencies, recommendations for micro- and macronutrient monitoring and supplementation, and altered glucose metabolism and implications for diabetes screening

Nutritional Deficiencies in Patients with Severe Obesity before Bariatric Surgery: What Should Be the Focus During the Preoperative Assessment? (2020). Ben-Porat et al. This study suggests that nutritional deficiencies are common among patients with severe obesity who are candidates for bariatric surgery

British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society Guidelines on perioperative and postoperative biochemical monitoring and micronutrient replacement for patients undergoing bariatric surgery-2020 update (2020). O;Kane M et al. These guidelines update the 2014 British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society nutritional guidelines.

Clinical Practice Guidelines for Childbearing Female Candidates for Bariatric Surgery, Pregnancy, and Post-partum Management After Bariatric Surgery (2019). Ciangura et al. Clinical practice recommendations for pregnancy management following bariatric surgery

Pregnancy after bariatric surgery (2019). Shawe J et al. Consensus recommendations for periconception, antenatal and postnatal care

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