The Diversity Diet

Dr Megan Rossi

Tuesday 28 June 20:00–21:00 BST

To launch our NEW MyNutriBookClub, we’ll be reading and reviewing the Sunday Times bestselling book, ‘Eat More, Live Well’ by registered dietitian and award-winning gut health researcher Dr Megan Rossi.

‘Eat More, Live Well’ is an educational toolkit for plant-based eating, which taps into the latest in cutting-edge nutritional science to provide an approach to food that’s good for us, the planet and our gut microbes. This science-backed approach is about enriching, not restricting; inclusive, not exclusive. More Plants, more variety, more fibre, more flavour. Dr Megan Rossi calls it ‘The Diversity Diet’.

Dr Megan Rossi has pooled her work as a research scientist at King’s College London and over a decade of experience as a clinical gut-health specialist dietitian to create a book that highlights the life-changing benefits of the Diversity Diet. Along with 80+ gut-loving recipes and three meal-plans, you’ll find client case studies and tips to help your patients increase their plant intake in a way that works best for them.

We hosted a live session on Tuesday 28 June, 20:00–21:00 BST – discussing the book and highlighting any key learnings for practice, including a question and answer session with Dr Megan Rossi.

Purchase your copy of the book and join our MyNutriBookClub community group on LinkedIn to get involved in book discussions and share your progress with others.

  • The beneficial impact plant-based eating has on our gut-axis pathways. Specifically, the gut-brain, gut-immune, gut-skin, gut-metabolism and gut-hormone axes
  • The role of the six Diversity Diet principles and how they contribute to helping people achieve better overall health
  • What constitutes a plant-based diet and the versatile nature of this approach to eating (hint: it doesn’t mean plants-only)
  • The health impacts of neglecting a variety of plant-foods on the microbiome
  • The important relationship between the gut and stress, sleep and exercise
  • Ways to help people with common complaints related to plant-based eating
  • Give people practical and cost-effective ways to implement the Diversity Diet into their everyday lives
  • Provide people suffering with functional gut disorders such as IBS advice on her FODMAP-lite approach
  • Empower people to confidently take charge of their gut health and understand the link between their gut and the rest of their body


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Expert speaker

Dr Megan Rossi
Registered Dietitian and Research Fellow at King’s College London, Founder of The Gut Health Clinic.


Dr Megan Rossi is a registered dietitian with an award-winning PhD in gut health, a leading Research Fellow at King’s College London and founder of The Gut Health Clinic. Dr Rossi has also co-founded Bio&Me, the UK’s first cross category evidence based gut health food brand, stocked in all major supermarkets.

Dr Rossi has also received an award by the British Nutrition Foundation for her research, presented by her Royal Highness Princess Anne, and been recognised as Business Insider’s Top 100 Coolest People in Food and Drink.


Holly Roper
Registered Associate Nutritionist


Holly is a Registered Associate Nutritionist with a Masters in Human Nutrition from the University of Sheffield. After graduating, Holly started her career at the British Nutrition Foundation as their Nutrition Intern. Following this, Holly joined Quorn Foods at their Health and Nutrition Communications Officer where she gained valuable insight into the food industry and was able to develop her skills in healthcare professional marketing. Now at Benecol, Holly is the Science Communications and Nutrition Manager responsible for all global scientific messaging and key partnerships that further strengthen the science of plant stanols and cholesterol-lowering functional foods.
In 2020, Holly set up the Health & Nutrition Book Club which gained significant interest amongst fellow healthcare professionals and led to Holly gaining a nomination for the Caroline Walker Trust’s Nutritionist of the Year 2020.

Corrine Toyn
Registered Dietitian


Corrine Toyn is a Registered Dietitian and founder of Chickpea Marketing, a freelance marketing and nutrition consultancy on a mission to drive the growth of health-focused food and drink brands.

Corrine aims to use her dietetic expertise to understand the nutritional challenges of target audiences and create tailored marketing solutions that demonstrate brand value whilst nourishing with purpose.

Starting her career as Dietitian at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Corrine has since worked in the food and drink industry for 5 years across communications, trends and marketing, previously working for companies such as Abbott, M&S and Raisio Group (Benecol).

Corrine is passionate about raising the profile of dietitians and nutritionists in the food and drink industry and has recently been appointed Chair of the BDA Industry Specialist Group launching this year. Corrine hopes the group will provide a source of peer support and networking for dietitians wanting to pursue industry related roles.


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