What The Gut

Making sense of fibre & the gut microbiome

Professor Denise Robertson, Jenna Hope and Dr Zoe Williams

Wednesday 28 June 2023 20:00–21:00 BST

What The Gut

Making sense of fibre & the gut microbiome

Professor Denise Robertson, Jenna Hope and Dr Zoe Williams

Wednesday 28 June 2023 20:00–21:00 BST





Whilst interest in gut health is high and on the rise among the general public, many don’t know how to improve their gut health and its wider impact on sleep, mood and energy. This webinar will highlight the latest research and recommendations on fibre and the gut, and the practical and creative ways that nutrition professionals can support patients and clients to include more fibre in their diets.

The recommended intake for fibre in the UK was increased in 2015 to from 23g to 30g per day. Despite this increase, latest figures show that average daily intake in the UK is still falling short at just 18g per day.

The first part of this webinar explores how our scientific understanding of dietary fibre has changed in recent years, the latest research and updates on fibre and the role of different types of fibre on the gut microbiome.

In the second part of this webinar, we look at how nutrition professionals can communicate the messages around fibre in a more practical manner and highlight how patients and clients can incorporate the recommendations for fibre into their diets.

We’ll cover:

  • The impact of poor gut health on mood and sleep
  • Evolution of the fibre science and definitions
  • The role of different fibres in gut health
  • Practical tips to support individuals to eat more fibre
  • Potential barriers to increasing fibre intakes
We’re also joined by expert chair & media medic, Dr Zoe Williams, to guide discussions during our live Q&A.

Watch this webinar to:

Gain understanding of
  • Different types of dietary fibre
  • Normal fermentation patterns in the gut
  • The gut-brain axis
  • What the UK recommendations for fibre equate to in dietary measures/amounts
  • What the top sources of fibre are in the diet
Be aware of
  • Mechanisms linking microbiota to the gut-brain axis
  • Microbiota findings in some mood disorders
  • Evidence from recent research in the area
  • Nutrition and health claims relating to fibre and their usefulness in increasing fibre intakes including the requirements for food labelling in the UK
  • How the 2015 SACN guidelines for carbohydrates can be translated into practical advice
Be able to
  • Appreciate different type of study design
  • Understand the clear link between the gut and brain
  • Identify sources of prebiotic fibres in the diet
  • Give practical tips on how to support individuals in moving towards a diet that is higher in fibre
  • Help individuals overcome potential barriers to increasing fibre intakes

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fruit and vegetables and wholegrain bread

Expert speakers

Professor Denise Robertson RNutr
Professor of Nutritional Physiology, Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Surrey


Denise Robertson’s research interests involve the complex interplay between the gastrointestinal tract and whole-body physiology, in both health and diseased states – with the gut now implicated as both the cause and treatment for many conditions such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.

fruit and vegetables and wholegrain bread

Jenna Hope RNutr
Registered Nutritionist, Founder of Jenna Hope Nutrition


Registered Nutritionist Jenna Hope has an Undergraduate and Masters in Nutrition. Jenna is the founder of Nutrition Consultancy and Clinic, Jenna Hope Nutrition. She works closely with individuals, brands, companies and the media to help them interpret the science in order to implement smarter strategies for Nutrition and support health and wellbeing for the long-term.

fruit and vegetables and wholegrain bread


Dr Zoe Williams
NHS GP and Media Medic


Dr Zoe Williams MBBS, DRCOG, MRCGP is a practicing NHS GP and media medic. Outside of the surgery Zoe is a National Advisor for Public Health England and is a clinical advisor to the RCGP. She is a director and founding member of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

Melissa Mogor


Tanya Haffner
CEO, Registered Dietitian, MyNutriWeb



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This webinar has been kindly supported by Activia and The BDA Gastroenterology Specialist Group

About Activia
Danone is a leading food and drink company with a health focussed portfolio in essential Dairy & Plant-based products, Waters and Specialised Nutrition. With their ‘One Planet. One health’ vision, Danone are committed to bringing health through food to as many people as possible . Their strong portfolio of brands in the UK include Activia, Actimel , Evian and Alpro.

Activia’s recent research shows that although there is an awareness that gut health is important, few are confident in knowing how to look after it or how poor gut health can affect sleep, mood and energy levels. In response, Activia launched the ‘What the Gut? Museum’, in partnership with Dr Zoe Williams earlier this year, who provided consumers with top tips on how to improve their gut health


About The BDA Gastroenterology Specialist Group
The Gastroenterology group of the British Dietetic Association is a specialist group which is open for all BDA members with a keen interest in all things gastrointestinal. We support and develop high quality evidence based dietetic practice in Gastroenterology and Hepatology, through the channels of social media, event days and resources. All whilst, promoting the benefit of a dietitian’s role in this unique specialism. @BDA_Gastro on both Twitter and Instagram – with Instagram focusing on one topic per month.
BDA’s IBS food fact sheet here

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