The Eatwell Guide

Time for a shake up?

Thursday 22 September 2022
19:00–21:00pm BST

The Eatwell Guide

Time for a shake up?

Thursday 22 September 2022
19:00–21:00pm BST




Special edition roundtable for all professionals working in nutrition and health

The gap between national Food Based Dietary Guidelines (FBDG) and actual eating habits is getting bigger with 0.1 % of the UK population achieving the current UK Eatwell guidelines for a healthy and sustainable diet. If we want to improve health outcomes and make progress towards environmental targets in the UK, it is paramount that we increase adherence to the Eatwell Guide recommendations.

While multiple actions are clearly needed, professionals and other users of the Eatwell guide at grass roots, anecdotally report a need for more enabling communication tools in relation to Eatwell, so that users can more readily put it into practice. This roundtable explores the question: do we need greater priority and resource devoted to the communications of the Eatwell Guide to help support optimum use and uptake? If so, what? Are there learnings that we can take from other countries and food communication tools and strategies? In this roundtable, we explore the initial findings of research on how to best communicate the Eatwell Guide to the UK public including learnings we can draw from other public health initiatives to help make necessary improvements.

There are many factors which affect an individual’s ability to eat a healthy and sustainable diet, including affordability and availability of healthy food as well as convenience and taste preferences. One important element is ensuring that the Eatwell Guide is communicated clearly and appropriately in a way that enables individuals to overcome barriers and implement the recommendations.

Research underway in collaboration with Dr Jane Bradbury at Edge Hill University will explore how to best communicate the Eatwell Guide to the UK public. This work draws on inspiration from other countries’ national dietary guidelines as well as research into best practice for the language, tools and resources used to communicate dietary guidelines.

We will be joined by the lead author of this research, Amy Culliford, for a presentation of the initial findings followed by a roundtable discussion with leading voices in public health nutrition.

This event will also consider top line recent quantitative research findings from grass roots healthcare professionals about their views on Eatwell.

During this roundtable, we will explore:

  • Why we need to improve communication of the Eatwell Guide
  • Lessons learned from communicating dietary guidelines globally
  • What communication tools and supporting resources are needed to improve adherence to the Eatwell Guide


  • The similarities and differences between communication of national dietary guidelines globally
  • What works and what doesn’t when it comes to communicating dietary recommendations
  • Why we need to better communicate the Eatwell Guide to improve health and environmental outcomes
  • Latest views of Eatwell guide users and their needs for better communications
  • What communication tools and supporting resources may be helpful to communicate dietary guidelines better in the UK
  • Communicate key elements of the existing Eatwell Guide to clients and patients to support their health
  • Identify the gaps in communication resources available at present

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Helen Bond and Dr Christian Reynolds

Melissa Mogor

Programme outline

19:00-19:05 Moderator’s introduction

Tanya Haffner
CEO, Registered Dietitian, MyNutriWeb


Tanya Haffner's biography

Tanya is an Irish born, UK trained dietitian and nutritionist. She previously founded Nutrilicious Communications, the first solely dedicated nutrition communications agency in the UK, which has supported multiple change agents in food and health over 20 years. Now, the culmination of her mission to help everyone to eat well is the award winning MyNutriWeb.com, which uses all her experience and network, curating and running authentic influential learning and dialogue events, including traditional conferences, policy, networking, and training opportunities. Supporting and empowering all health professionals and other change agents in food with nutrition matters is in Tanya’s view, critical to improving citizens health whilst also helping to protect our planet. Tanya was awarded the Caroline Walker Trust Award for Freelance Nutritionist of the Year 2021 which recognises distinctive and outstanding work in promoting public health which maintains and advances the standards of food and nutrition. Tanya has recently taken up the role of chair of the BDA Sustainable diets group and is looking forward to working with the BDA to help advance the professions impact on sustainable eating.

Melissa Mogor

19:05-19:15 Chairs: Welcome and Introductions

Helen Bond
Registered Dietitian


Helen Bond's biography

Helen is a Registered Dietitian and spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association with 26 years’ experience in food, diet, and its’ relationship to health. Passionate about communicating the role of good nutrition towards positive health and well-being, she runs her own successful dietetic practice in Derbyshire, where she provides consultancy for food companies and regularly writes and provide expert comment on nutrition news stories for magazines and national newspapers.

Melissa Mogor

Dr Christian Reynolds
Senior Lecturer ,Centre for Food Policy, City University, London


Dr Christian Reynolds’ biography

Christian is Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Food Policy, City University, London; and is the Senior Tutor for Research at the Centre for Food Policy. Christian is recognised as a global expert on food loss and waste and sustainable diets. He has worked on these issues in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the UK, US, and Europe. Christian has given evidence to UK and NZ parliaments on FLW and contributed to the Food Loss and Waste Accounting and Reporting Standard. Christian also researches sustainable cookery; food history; and the political power of food in international relations.

Melissa Mogor

19:15-19:35 New research exploring Food Based Dietary Guideline communications including Eatwell Guide Communications

Amy Culliford
Freelance Public Health Nutrition Consultant and Writer focused on sustainable diets and food systems

Amy Culliford's Biography

Amy Culliford is a nutrition consultant, researcher and writer with a passion for sustainable diets and food systems. Amy combines her knowledge and experience in food manufacturing, environmental protection and public health nutrition to deliver scientific knowledge in a practical and understandable way. Amy is the lead author on our new research project on the communication of dietary guidelines working with Dr Jane Bradbury, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition & Health, Applied Health & Social Care, Edge Hill University.

Melissa Mogor

19:35 –19:50 Findings from the new UK-wide professional survey on how we can better communicate our EWG for better adherence

Elphee Medici
Guest Nutrition Expert, Nutrilicious

Elphee Medici's Biography
Elphee Medici is a nutrition expert with over 30 years’ experience working in the NHS, industry and freelancing. She supports Nutrilicious as a Nutrition Communications Consultant on scientific and consumer communications relating to nutrition, health and sustainability – including soya. Core expertise includes critiquing scientific research, interpreting findings in context of practical implications and authorship of various evidence-based reports.

19:45-19:55 Q&As from the audience

19:55-20:55 Panel Discussion – led by Helen Bond and Dr Christian Reynolds


Photo of a plant-based dish

Guest Panellists

Sarah Halevy
Food Systems Sustainability Manager, WWF


Sarah Halevy's Biography
Sarah is the Food Systems Sustainability Manager at WWF. Sarah has almost 15 years’ experience working in environmental and animal welfare organisations, primarily focusing on food and sustainable diets. AS WWF-UK’s Food Systems Sustainability Manager, she drives, manages, and coordinates the scientific underpinning of the organisation’s position and external engagement on several food issues, and she’s currently working on the third iteration of Livewell- WWF-UK’s healthy, sustainable diets initiative.
Photo of a plant-based dish

Sue Baic
Freelance Registered Dietitian, Public Health Nutrition


Sue Baic's Biography
Sue is a Freelance Registered Dietitian with over 30 years’ experience in the field of public health nutrition. She has worked as a Senior Lecturer and researcher at the University of Bristol and in public health settings including food banks and HM prison service.
Photo of a plant-based dish

Elly Rees
PhD student


Elly Rees's Biography
Eleanor Rees is a Performance Nutritionist. She was born as a Coeliac and with this came an extensive interest in nutrition and diet. In he early career she has supported amateur athletes to progress their sporting careers and more recently she has been supporting general populations to make healthy lifestyle changes. She is currently studying for a self driven PHD investigating motivation of food choice and nutrition education status. Eleanor has a strong passion to help change and challenge perspectives on nutrition guidelines. 
Photo of a plant-based dish

Melissa Saint Hill
Co-founder & Managing Director of The Diverse Nutrition Association


Melissa Saint Hill's Biography
Melissa is Co-founder & Managing Director of The Diverse Nutrition Association.
Melissa is a Registered Nutritionist with Masters degrees in Nutritional Sciences, and Clinical Research of Human Nutrition. Across 2020-21, she worked to research, design and produce the UK’s first centrally available African & Caribbean Eatwell guide which is now utilised across the UK by various institutions.

She is passionate about working with local authorities and charities across the UK, and connecting with communities to reinstall the value of honouring cultural foods in healthy ways, whilst also raising awareness of cultural sensitivity and culturally diverse diets to healthcare professionals.

Photo of a plant-based dish

Fareeha Jay
Registered Dietitian


Fareeha Jay's Biography
Fareeha Jay is an anthropologist turned Dietitian based in Plymouth. She has been working as a Diabetes Specialist in the NHS for the last 5 years, delivering educational sessions to people newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

Fareeha has a specialist interest in South Asian diets and provides specialist advice to South Asians across the globe. She is extremely passionate about providing the best available nutrition advice to the people with South Asian background which is what led her to develop the South Asian Eatwell Guide.

She has expertise in healthy eating and sustainable diets for ethnic minority groups. She is also a dietitian with a high social media profile and uses evidence-based nutrition to support communication messages to the public, again focusing on ethnic minority groups, regularly featuring in print, broadcast, and social media.

21:00 Wrap up & close


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