Eating Disorders & Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction

Nick Trott, Ursula Philpot

Wednesday 28 February 2024 20:00–21:00 GMT

Eating Disorders & Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction

Nick Trott, Ursula Philpot

Wednesday 28 February 2024 20:00–21:00 GMT





There is increasing evidence to indicate a ‘bi-directional relationship’ between the presentation of eating disorders and disorders of the gut-brain interaction, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This webinar will explore the current theories of how these conditions intersect, assessment techniques, specific considerations for the application of dietary therapies, and current research gaps that merit further clarification.

In this webinar, Gastroenterology Dietitian, Nick Trott, and Eating Disorders Specialist Dietitian, Ursula Philpot will share the latest research on the link between eating disorders and disorders of the gut-brain interaction, including the current strategies for assessment and dietary treatment of GI symptoms for patients or clients that are at-risk or recovering from an eating disorder.

We’ll cover:

  • Epidemiology of eating disorders and disorders of the gut-brain interaction
  • How and why these conditions overlap and intersect
  • Current strategies for assessment and dietary treatment and the limitations
  • How to apply these techniques to clinical practice

Watch this webinar to:

Gain understanding of
  • The epidemiology of eating disorders and disorders of the gut-brain interaction
  • Theories of how and why these conditions overlap and intersect
  • Current strategies for assessment and dietary treatment in this patient cohort
Be aware of
  • The limitations of the current assessment techniques and tools available
  • The scope of practice and infrastructural limitations in gastroenterological nutrition that affect clinical practice in this area, as well as how these may be addressed going forward
  • How dietary therapies can be applied in the clinical eating disorder setting
Be able to
  • Apply these techniques in your clinical practice
  • Continue your own exploration of the evidence base
  • Contribute to the wider clinical discussion in this area

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Juliette Kellow, Registered Dietitian and member of the British Dietetic Association

Expert speaker

Nick Trott
Gastroenterology Dietitian.
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


Nick works as a Gastroenterology Dietitian, covering the Specialist Coeliac Clinic at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield. His areas of particular clinical interest include coeliac disease, gluten ataxia, non-coeliac wheat sensitivity and the Low FODMAP approach to Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction.

Melissa Mogor
Ursula Philpot
Senior Lecturer and Advanced Practice Dietitian. Leeds Beckett University and Insight Eating


Ursula specialises in eating disorders, disordered eating, mental health and autism. She has a clinic for eating problems in Leeds and works in complex mental health in Bradford, alongside a Clinical Associate post for Children and Young People’s Mental Health in Yorkshire with NHS England. She also presents and publishes her work.

Melissa Mogor


Tanya Haffner
CEO RD MyNutriWeb



This webinar is approved for CPD by the AfN

This webinar will provide a good introduction into an emerging area of research, and whilst some of this research is still in its infancy it is beneficial to be aware of research that may in the future result in practice amendments. It is positive to see the overview states that limitations will be presented, and it should be made clear when the consensus of evidence is strong enough to be applied to practice and where it is an area to keep a watching brief on. I am content that Schar have not influenced the content of the webinar and the speakers are independent of the funder.

Association for Nutrition CPD Assessor

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