Following on from our webinar ‘Low Carb Diets, we have pulled together some of the key resources and references discussed within the webinar, plus some additional ones on the topic. We have also included useful websites and social media accounts recommended to keep up to date on the subject. If you missed the live webinar, you can watch the recording.

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SACN Report: lower carbohydrate diets for type 2 diabetes (2021), Public Health England.  Report from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) on lower carbohydrate diets for adults with type 2 diabetes

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7 Day Low Carbohydrate Meal Planner (2021), Diabetes UK. Meal planner with recipes all taken from Diabetes UK, recommended for those following a lower carbohydrate diet

The Low Carb Program (2021), Low Carb Programme. A digital app for a 12-week low carbohydrate diet structured behavioural change programme – specifically designed for people with type 2 diabetes. It is QISMET approved and has been approved by NHS digital

Low Carb Diets for People With Diabetes (2021), Diabetes UK. Position statement for people living with type 2 diabetes all about low carbohydrate diets

Carbs and Cals (6th Edition 2016), Chris Cheyette and Yello Balolia. Visual guide with over 1,700 food and drink photos including nutritional values (including carbohydrate) around each photo

Carbs and Cals App  App for Carbs and Cals, using food portion photos

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Review of the NHS Low Carb Program App A Diabetes Dietitian’s Perspective (2019), The British Dietetic Association. The BDA’s review of the digital app for structured education on a low carbohydrate diet, designed for those with type 2 diabetes

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Hypos, Diabetes UK. Guidance around hypoglycaemia; important to consider with low carbohydrate diets and diabetes

Fibre and Diabetes, Diabetes UK. Practical points around fibre in the diet

What’s your healthy weight when you have diabetes?, Diabetes UK. Guide to different dietary approaches to weight loss


@dtwenefour (Twitter) for Douglas Twenefour RD – Deputy Head of Care at Diabetes UK

@DiabetesUK (Twitter), Diabetes UK (Website) and diabetesuk (Instagram) for Diabetes UK – the UK’s leading diabetes charity

@DiabetesUKProf (Twitter) for Diabetes UK Professionals

@CarbsAndCals (Twitter), carbsandcals (Instagram) and Cals and Cals (Website) for Carbs and Cals – best selling book and app for diabetes, healthy eating and weight loss

@DSG_BDA (Twitter) and dsg_bda (Instagram) for the BDA Diabetes Specialist Group


Nutrition, Diabetes and the Microbiome (2021), Dr Denise Robertson and Douglas Twenefour. 60 minute webinar and accompanying Resource Blog

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes (2020), Mike Lean. 60 minute webinar

Carb Confusion : Carbohydrate & Type 2 Diabetes (2020), Dr Paul McArdle. 60 minute webinar

Diabetes UK Nutrition Guidelines Webinar 3 – Cardiovascular Disease (2020), Douglas Twenefour. 60 minute webinar

Diabetes UK Nutrition Guidelines Webinar 2 – Weight & Blood Glucose (2019), Dr Duane Mellor RD. 60 minute webinar

Diabetes UK Nutrition Guidelines Webinar 1 – Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes (2019), Dr Pam Dyson. 60 minute webinar