A to Z of Food Trends for 2024

Juliette Kellow​

Wednesday 6 December 2023 20:00–21:00 GMT

A to Z of Food Trends for 2024

Juliette Kellow​

Wednesday 6 December 2023 20:00–21:00 GMT





Food trends can influence and shift the behaviour of consumers towards certain ingredients, foods, meals or eating habits. This has the potential to affect nutrient intakes and dietary balance, particularly for trends that stand the test of time. This webinar will cover the latest predicted food trends for 2024, and how to advise clients on the benefits and pitfalls, and how to modify or include them as part of a healthy, balanced and sustainable diet.

Trends are often forecasted by teams of analysts, market researchers and industry experts who specialise in this area. Less predictable are food trends – or fads – that arise from social media platforms, chefs or celebrities, which often disappear as quickly as they arrive but can remain popular.

Whatever the source, food trends – even if they’re not promoted in such a way – filter into everyday life, for example, through supermarkets, restaurants, TV food shows, media and social media platforms. This makes them visible and accessible to consumers, potentially influencing their food choices.

In this webinar, Registered Dietitian, Consultant and Writer, Juliette Kellow, will unpick the latest analytics to unveil the A-Z of food trends to look out for in 2024, and share some of the pros and cons to help you advise clients and patients.

We’ll cover:

  • Predicted food trends for 2024
  • The impact each trend may have on a healthy, balanced and sustainable diet
  • How to advise clients on each trend

Watch this webinar to:

Gain understanding of
  • Predicted food trends for 2024
  • The impact each trend may have on a healthy, balanced and sustainable diet
  • How to advise clients on each trend
Be aware of
  • The predicted food trends that may potentially have the biggest impact on diet
  • The predicted food trends that fit well with healthy eating advice
  • The predicted food trends that need modification to support a healthy diet
Be able to
  • Identify the predicted food trends and how they may impact on the health of clients and the planet
  • Discuss the benefits of individual trends that positively impact health and the planet
  • Recognise how to modify ‘less-than-healthy’ predicted food trends to enable clients to enjoy the trend without negatively affecting health
Juliette Kellow, Registered Dietitian and member of the British Dietetic Association

Expert speaker

Juliette Kellow
Freelance Dietitian, Nutrition Consultant & Writer


Juliette is a registered dietitian and member of the British Dietetic Association. She’s worked in the NHS, food industry and publishing, and now works as a nutrition consultant for food brands, trade bodies and PR agencies. She writes for magazines and newspapers, and is co-author of Simply Nutrition For Complete Beginners (DK).

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CEO, Registered Dietitian, MyNutriWeb



This webinar is approved for CPD by the AfN

This webinar will support registrants in preparing for questions they may get asked by clients, the media or employers in 2024, by exploring likely trends, the evidence behind these and their potential impact on healthy diets and lifestyles. This will help to identify areas where further CPD is also likely to be needed by individuals working in this arena.

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