Female Fertility

The impact of diet and lifestyle

Ro Huntriss, Dr Helen O’Neill

Wednesday 30 November 20:00–21:00 GMT

Female Fertility

The impact of diet and lifestyle

Ro Huntriss, Dr Helen O’Neill

Wednesday 30 November 20:00–21:00 GMT





Approximately 3.5 million people in the UK are thought to be impacted by infertility. Diet and lifestyle choices are key modifiable risk factors in fertility management and their impact is often overlooked. This webinar will discuss the latest evidence regarding the power of dietary and lifestyle modifications and how they can influence female fertility.

There are many possible causes of infertility for both males and females, and nutrition and lifestyle form an important piece of the fertility puzzle. Not only that, but research has shown that preconception nutrition can play a role in the health outcomes of a baby.

In this webinar, Specialist Fertility Dietitian, Ro Huntriss, will focus on female fertility to share how nutrition, lifestyle and certain conditions can impact female fertility and the practical advice we can give to support those who may be trying to conceive.

This webinar covers:

  • Female fertility basics
  • How diet and lifestyle habits can influence female fertility
  • Health conditions affecting female fertility

Watch this webinar to:

Gain understanding of
  • The basics of female fertility
  • How diet can influence female fertility
  • How lifestyle choices can influence female fertility
Be aware of
  • Health conditions which impact female fertility
  • Important dietary factors for female fertility
Be able to
  • Understand the impact of diet and lifestyle choices on female fertility
  • Support female clients in optimising their fertility

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Dr Helen O’Neill (MSc, PhD)
CEO and Founder of Hertility, Lecturer in Reproductive and Molecular Genetics at University College London (UCL) at the Institute for Women’s Health in UCL


Dr Helen is the CEO and Founder of Hertility, a Lecturer in Reproductive and Molecular Genetics and a leading expert in reproductive science. She has a Masters in Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine and a PhD in Stem Cell Biology from UCL. Her research focuses on pre-implantation embryo development and the use of machine learning to predict gynaecological pathologies. She was awarded the Top Twenty Women in Data in 2019 and one of the Top Fifty Inspirational Women in Technology in 2022.


Expert speaker

Ro Huntriss
Specialist Fertility Dietitian
Dietitian Ro Ltd


Ro Huntriss is a Specialist Fertility Dietitian and is passionate about raising the profile of dietetics within fertility management. She is a founding committee member of the BDA Maternal and Fertility Nutrition Specialist Group and runs the instagram page @fertility.dietitian.uk and the corresponding Facebook page, Fertility Dietitian UK..

Melissa Mogor


Tanya Haffner
CEO, Registered Dietitian, MyNutriWeb



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About BDA Maternal and Fertility Group

The Maternal and Fertility Nutrition Group are a specialist group of the British Dietetic Association. The ambitious and passionate group are dedicated to research, education and improving the standards and quality of care to patients accessing such services nationwide.

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About Hertility

Hertility is a digital healthcare company supporting women from menstruation through menopause with comprehensive at-home testing, telemedicine and treatment. Until now, women have been underserved by the healthcare system, so we gathered the best minds in female health and dedicated years to building our award-winning alternative clinical experience. Watch our brand film.

We have pioneered the most accurate diagnostic tool in female health to finally give women clarity into what’s going on in their bodies. Currently, in just 10 days, we can provide advanced insights into reproductive health, fertility decline and the onset of menopause as well as screening for 18 reproductive health conditions and gynae cancer. Our clinical trials aim to raise the standard of scientific rigour and education in female health to radically reduce the time to diagnosis and fast-track women to specialist care sooner.

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