Following on from our special roundtable event ‘The UK Salt Challenge, we’ve pulled together some of the key resources and references discussed within the webinar, plus some additional ones on the topic. We have also included useful websites and social media accounts recommended to keep up to date on the subject. If you missed the live webinar, you can watch the recording.


Salt Reduction: What Works? (2022). Action on Salt & World Action on Salt, Sugar and Health (WASSH). Policy resource to mark Salt Awareness Week 2022 highlighting ‘what works’ when it comes to salt reduction polices

Salt Awareness Week: Meal Deal Snacks (2022). Action on Salt. Research showing nearly Three Quarters of Snacks Included in Meal Deals Are Dangerously High in Fat, Salt, and Sugar

Early evidence for the effectiveness of South Africa’s legislation on salt restriction in foods: the African-PREDICT study (2022). Struass-Kruger et al. Study assessing the impact of mandatory regulation to lower the salt content in processed foods in South Africa, showing the intervention has been effective in lowering salt intake in young adults by ~1.2g/day

Scientific Update on Plant Based Eating & Cardiometabolic Health (2020), The Alpro Foundation. An in-depth 66-page scientific review written by nine global experts

Salt reduction: targets for 2024 (2020), Public Health England (PHE). Outlines targets for levels of salt in food products and drinks, part of PHE’s reduction and reformulation programme

Hypertension in adults: diagnosis and management (2019), National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). Covers identifying and treating high blood pressure in people aged 18 and over

Salt targets 2017: progress report summary (2019), Public Health England. Report outlining the progress so far for salt reduction, based on 2017 target

National Diet and Nutrition Survey: Assessment of salt intake from urinary sodium in adults (aged 19 to 64 years) in England (2018 to 2019), National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS). A survey of estimated salt intake (from urinary sodium) in adults in England published as part of the NDNS

Salt and Health report (2003), Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition. SACN advice on salt and recommended Dietary Reference Values (DRVs)


Action on Salt website – Main website for Action on Salt

Action on Salt resources – Some excellent resources to help with lowering salt intake:

BlogsNewsletterSocial Media ImagesRecipe BooksHow to Eat Less SaltEducational MaterialsFood Flip Game for children, PostersLeafletsHealth factsheetsPapersEventsVideos

FoodSwitch An award-winning health app to help people make healthier choices. Scan the barcodes of food and drink products and find out whether they are high (red), medium (amber) or low (green) in fat, saturates, sugar and salt, and find healthier yet similar alternatives.

FoodSwitch UK leaflet Outlines the different functions within the FoodSwitch app

The International Low Salt Cookbook (2011), Action on Salt. Downloadable world recipe book – a compilation of more than 70 low salt recipes from all over the world

Low Salt Cooking For Men (2011), Action on Salt. Downloadable recipe book, with 22 heart healthy recipes for men’s favourite foods including pizza, curry and pie


Blood Pressure UK website – Main website for Blood Pressure UK – the only UK charity dedicated to lowering the nation’s blood pressure

Resources Several useful resources available about blood pressure including:

FAQsShopPositive Pressure MagazineNewsletterInformation LineLearning CentreReal StoriesA-Z of Blood PressureBlood Pressure Chart

Publications A series of online booklets, including nutrition-focused ones such as:

Healthy Eating and Blood Pressure: Practical tips on changing food and drink choices to help lower blood pressure

Healthy Lifestyle and Blood Pressure: A guide into lifestyle changes to lower blood pressure, including getting active and keeping to a healthy weight

Healthy eating: The African Caribbean Way: Practical tips on diet and lowering blood pressure, including which traditional African Caribbean dishes are high in salt and the heart-healthy alternatives


The DASH Diet: Lower your blood pressure in just 21 days (2021), Priya Tew RD. Written by a UK RD explaining the DASH diet – dietary approaches to stop hypertension. Includes a 21-day plan and more than 30 recipes

Food Scanner AppNational Health Service (NHS). A free app developed as part of the NHS ‘Better Health’ campaign where you can scan barcodes of products to then give healthier swaps available

Heart Health (2020). Factsheet giving an overview into diet and heart health

Salt and Health (2020). All about salt and the impacts it can have on health

Hypertension and Diet (2019). Dietary advice for high blood pressure

Cardiovascular Disease: Diet, Nutrition and Emerging Risk Factors (2019), BNF. Updated second-edition textbook on cardiovascular disease and the role of nutrition

Taking Control of Salt (2018), British Heart Foundation (BHF). Practical tips on how to lower salt intake

SaltHEART UK. A useful guide into salt and tips to lower intake

Having too much salt? Survival GuideNational Health Service (NHS). Useful guide with helpful advice on lowering salt intake and the importance of doing so

Salt: the facts (NHS). Daily salt recommendations for adults, children and babies and how to use nutrition labels to spot the salt in food


@MyNutriWeb (Twitter) and @MyNutriWeb (Instagram) for MyNutriWeb

@WASHSALT (Twitter) for World Action on Salt and Health

@actiononsalt (Twitter) and @actiononsaltandsugar (Instagram) for Action on Salt

@SPombo86 (Twitter) for Sonia Pombo, Nutritionist from Action on Salt

@juliettekellow (Twitter) and @JulietteKellowNutrionist (Instagram) for Juliette Kellow, Registered Dietitian

@BloodPressUK (Twitter) for Blood Pressure UK

@DrSarahJarvis (Twitter) for Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP and chair of the UK Salt Challenge event

@AmandaUrsell (Twitter) and @amandaursellnutrition (Instagram) for Amanda Ursell, Nutritionist and Columnist for Sun UK

@KLNeve (Twitter) for Kimberley Neve, ANutr, Food Environments and Nutrition Researcher

@heartukcharity (Twitter) and @heartukcharity (Instagram) for HEART UK


Reducing Blood Pressure (2021). 60 mins webinar with Sonia Pombo discussing the latest dietary strategies to reduce blood pressure. Supporting resource blog.

Top tips for lowering salt intake (2021) Guest blogger Dr Pippa Gibson explains the importance lowering salt intake and practical tips, including a healthy low salt baked beans recipe. You can also view the recipe reel for the baked beans

The Lowdown on the Dash Diet (2021). Our guest writer Priya Tew (RD) outlines the evidence behind the DASH diet

Cardiometabolic Health & Plant Based Eating – Part 1 (2020). Webinar. Professor Bruce Griffin and Professor David Jenkins discuss the types of dietary patterns impacting on cardiometabolic health

Cardiometabolic Health & Plant Based Eating – Part 2 (2020), webinar. Part 2 of the series

Plant-Based Eating and Cardiometabolic Health (2020). Summary of the scientific update on plant-based eating and heart health