Following on from our webinar ‘Exercise, Vegan Nutrition and Bone Health’, we’ve pulled together some of the key resources and references discussed within the webinar, plus some additional ones on the topic. We have also included useful websites and social media accounts recommended to keep up to date on the subject. If you missed the live webinar, you can watch the recording.

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Nutrition Requirements (2021). The British Nutrition Foundation. Requirements for the UK population including vitamins and minerals

Osteoporosis – prevention of fragility fractures (2021). National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE). NICE guidelines for osteoporosis

Vegetarian and vegan diets and risks of total and site-specific fractures: results from the prospective EPIC-Oxford study (2020), Tong et al. Study reporting that non-meat eaters, especially vegans, had higher risks of either total or some site-specific fractures, particularly hip fractures

Treatment effects on compulsive exercise and physical activity in eating disorders (2018). Mathisen et al. Study into therapy with respect to the short- and long-term changes in the level of compulsive exercise and actual level of physical activity in women with eating disorders

Vitamin D Information for Health Professionals in Scotland (2017). NHS Scotland. Advice around Vitamin D for health professionals

New Advice on Vitamin D Intake (2016). Nurse Director NHS Wales. Advice on vitamin D requirements

High compliance with dietary recommendations in a cohort of meat eaters, fish eaters, vegetarians, and vegans: results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition-Oxford study (2016). Sobiecki et al. A study which investigated the differences in dietary intakes between 30251 participants in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition-Oxford study

Protein intake and exercise for optimal muscle function with aging: Recommendations from the ESPEN Expert Group (2014). Duetz et al. ESPEN guidelines for protein intakes for aging

Osteoporosis in the European Union: a compendium of country-specific reports (2013), Svedbom et al. Report describing epidemiology, burden, and treatment of osteoporosis in each of the 27 countries of the European Union

Vertebral bone loss: an unheeded side effect of therapeutic bed rest (1983). Toft et al. Study showing how much bone is lost during bed rest


Nutrition for Bones A variety of nutrition related articles for bone health covering Calcium and Vitamin D

Age and Bone Strength. How our age impacts bone health

Free specialist nurse helpline. Helpline giving support around osteoporosis

Exercise and physical activity for osteoporosis and bone health. Lots of practical tips around exercise, including videos and leaflets

What’s Menopause Got To Do With Bone Health? (2021). Advice on the link between menopause and bone health

Are There Any Foods I Should Avoid? (2021). Guide around foods that are often considered detrimental to bone health

Vitamins (2021) and Minerals (2021). A guide around the different vitamins minerals involved in bone health

Our response to Oxford study which finds people on vegan diets may have more fractures (2020). Media release concerning the EPIC-Oxford Study

Further Food Facts and Bones – looking beyond calcium and vitamin D (2019). A closer look into the all of the nutrition, in addition to calcium and vitamin D involved in bone health

Strong, Steady and Straight – Quick Guide (2019). Physical activity and exercise for osteoporosis in a quick guide format, as presented within the webinar

Strong, steady and straight: an expert consensus statement on physical activity and exercise for osteoporosis (2019). Consensus statement providing information and tools for correct exercises and movements for healthy bones


Definition of Veganism

Bone Health. A guide to bone health for vegans. A guide to keeping healthy bones for vegans

VEG 1 Vegan Supplement  Find out frequently asked questions about the supplement developed by The Vegan Society

VeGuide App An app developed by The Vegan Society to help guide people through becoming vegan

Bone Health and Vegan Diets (2021). Video giving advice around keeping bones healthy for vegans

What Every Vegan Should Know About Vitamin B12 (2021). Key information about Vitamin B12 for vegans

Vegan Eatwell Guide (2020) A visual representation of what constitutes a healthy balanced vegan diet. This is an adaptation of the government’s ‘Eatwell Guide’

Vegan and Thriving Campaign (2019-ongoing) A campaign with healthy vegan recipes and tips


Bone Fractures among U.K. Vegans: Implications and Recommendations (2021). Jack Norris RD. A guide to good nutrition for vegans in relation to bone health

Portion Sizes (2021). The British Dietetic Association (BDA). A guide to healthy portion sizes

Vegan Savvy (2021), Azmina Govindji, RD. A book written by a UK RD giving a comprehensive guide to nutrition on a vegan diet, with emphasis on the unique concept of ‘nutrient bridges’

Vegans and Bone Fractures: New Findings and Best Practices for Keeping Bones Strong (2020). The Vegan RD. Ginny Messina explores the findings from the EPIC-Oxford Study and gives tips for vegan nutrition considering bone health

Vitamin A (2020). Jack Norris RD. A guide around Vitamin A for vegans

Protecting Bone Health on a Vegan Diet (2020). The Vegan RD. Ginny Messina gives practical tips on protecting bone health for vegans

Plant based diets (reviewed 2020)British Dietetic Association (BDA). An overview of the nutritional considerations when following a plant-based diet

Vegan for Life (2020 Revised Edition), Jack Norris, RD and Virginia Messina, RD. A comprehensive overview of the vegan diet

Vitamin D (2020). The NHS. A guide from the National Health Service about Vitamin D, including supplementation

Plant-based diets (2019)British Nutrition Foundation (BNF). An overview of the nutritional considerations when following a plant-based diet

Vitamin D and You (2019). Public Health Agency. Leaflet with practical tips around Vitamin D

Nutrition for Older Vegetarians and Vegans (2020)Vegetarian for Life. A useful BDA-endorsed publication, ideal for care home and hospital caterers which answers frequently asked questions concerning older vegetarians and vegans. Can be downloaded as PDF or hard copies can be ordered

Osteoporosis and Diet (2019), BDA. Food fact sheet with advice on dietary choices for osteoporosis

Bone Health: Practical Questions (2017). PENN Nutrition. Practice points around nutrition and bone health

Protein Part 1 (2016) Jack Norris RD. Guide to protein for vegans

Never Too Late to Go Vegan (2014), Virginia Messina, RD, Carol Adams and Patti Breitman. A guide to adopting and thriving on a plant-based diet for the over 50s

Vitamin K (2014). Jack Norris RD. Guide to Vitamin K for vegans

Dietitian Perspectives on Protein, Calcium and Vegan Bone Health (2014). The Vegan RD. Ginny Messina discusses protein, calcium and their role for vegan bone health

Vitamin D2 vs Vitamin D3Jack Norris RD. The differences between the forms of vitamin D

Amino Acid LockdownQuorn Nutrition. Quorn’s mycoprotein factsheet for healthcare professionals


@theoriginalvegansociety (Instagram) and @TheVeganSociety (Twitter): The Vegan Society’s official accounts

@RoyalOsteoPro (Twitter) for the Royal Osteoporosis Society for Professionals

@royalosteosoc (Twitter) and @royalosteosco (Instagram) for the Royal Osteoporosis Society

@Herbiheather Twitter account for Heather Russell, RD from The Vegan Society

@jacknorrisrd (Twitter) for US RD Jack Norris

@AzminaNutrition Azmina’s Instagram and Twitter handle, where she shares tips for plant-based eating

@ginnymessina (Instagram) and @TheVeganRD(Twitter) for US RD Virginia Messina


How to be Vegan Savvy: A Practical Guide (2021) A webinar with Azmnia Govindji RD discussing the key nutritional considerations when counselling clients who wish to adopt a vegan diet

Vitamin D: Update Series – Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 (2021). Three webinars covering the latest evidence around Vitamin D

Vegan diets, person centred practice (2020) Heather Russell, RD from The Vegan Society, talks us through the practical aspects of a vegan diet