By Catherine Sim, Community Engagement Officer, Diverse Nutrition Association

Catherine Sim

In this blog, Catherine shines a spotlight on the impactful journey of the Diverse Nutrition Association (DNA), including their dynamic partnerships, engaging workshops, and notable milestones.

About the DNA

The Diverse Nutrition Association (DNA) was founded in 2020 by a trio of registered nutritionists based in London – Amaeze Madukah, Ashleigh Simpson, and Melissa Saint Hill. After gaining extensive experience in clinics, governance and kitchens throughout their careers, they wanted to create a hub for fellow nutrition and health professionals to learn about and navigate diverse cultures, what food means to them individually, and what that means in the grand scheme of health. 

Three Key Areas of Focus

  1. Training: Educating nutrition and health professionals on navigating cultural diversity to ensure better service and effective public health interventions across cultural boundaries.
  2. Research: Primary culturally sensitive research to strengthen evidence-based nutrition and health science for best practice in policy and with practitioners. 
  3. Community: Providing resources around healthy cultural foods to enable people within the community to understand and advocate for their health.

Dynamic Partnerships and Engaging Workshops 

Over the years, the DNA has had the privilege of collaborating with notable organisations such as Birmingham City Council, ReLondon, What the Fork London, Food Wave Project, and Growhampton, all of which have demonstrated remarkable success. 

Hosting community health workshops has offered the DNA an excellent opportunity to:

  • Build social connections
  • Bridge the gap between cultural diversity and health.
  • Unify local communities
  • Deliver nutritional information in an engaging and applicable manner
  • Provide a platform for individuals to exchange and listen to each other’s experiences

Notable Milestones

The journey of the DNA is marked by significant milestones, as listed below. These achievements underscore their commitment to effecting change and fostering awareness through various channels, from webinars to exhibitions and workshops.

Some key moments of the DNA’s journey so far:

7th June 2021 – Cultural diversity course received AfN CPD endorsement 

4th September 2021 – First delivery of “Understanding Cultural Diversity in Nutrition and Health Practice” to students at Brighton University

17th October 2021 – First webinar discussing the Eatwell Guide and navigating how cultural foods fit into this, specifically focusing on African, Caribbean and South Asian foods

19th January 2022 –  African and Caribbean Eatwell Guide webinar with MyNutriWeb

5th May 2022 – 1000+ downloads of the African and Caribbean Eatwell Guide!

10th September 2022 – First in-person nutrition cooking workshop (“At the heart of the matter and sweet Jamaica”) in Birmingham 

12th November 2022 – Healthier You, Healthier Planet cooking workshop for 16-35 year olds in Hackney 

16th November 2022 –  Free 1-month virtual exhibition showcasing photography and videography from cooking workshops

6th February 2023 – An introduction to sustainable farming webinar with Growhampton 

9th February 2023 – Amaeze was on a panel at The British Film Institute (BFI) at Food Matters Live titled “Diversity and Inclusivity in the Food Industry”

21st April 2023 – Plant-based cooking workshop in collaboration with FoodWaveProject and ReLondon

Summer 2023 –  Amaeze completed a pilot research project on nutrition and the elderly in partnership with the British Nutrition Foundation & Supported Clémence Cleave (Rocket Fuel Wellbeing). This was a hands-on workshop (making lacto-fermented veg) at the University of Roehampton with the DNA and ReLondon

4th November 2023 – Ashleigh hosted a cooking event at the Caribbean Health Exhibition which took place at the Legacy Centre of Excellence in Birmingham. The event was called “How to Live Longer – Reducing Health Inequalities by Improving Your Health and Wellbeing”

diverse nutrition association workshop

Cultural Diversity Course 

Understanding Cultural Diversity in Nutrition and Health is an engaging and practical program tailored for healthcare professionals working with diverse communities. This comprehensive course comprises three modules, delving into both theoretical and practical thought-provoking topics to really strengthen the HCP’s awareness, understanding, confidence and capabilities when navigating matters of culture within a healthcare setting.

Module 1 Module 2 Module 3
Concentrates on nurturing cultural sensitivity by exploring subjects such as linguistics, styles of communication, power distance and the need for cultural competency. Explores the intersection of cultural foods and well-being, addressing why ethnicity and culture is important in nutrition practice. Additionally you will learn about what ethnoculture means, and how foods from all cultures can fit into a healthy eating message. Consolidates the knowledge from module 1 and 2 and translates this to everyday practice. You will leave with the tools you need to navigate cultural differences with knowledge, confidence and sensitivity.


“The excitement, tears and joy that this brings knowing that this course exists, words do not do this justice. Having health professionals who are willing to actively listen and learn makes all the difference” – Community member 

What’s Next? A Vision for the Future 

As demographic shifts prompt a demand for health equity, DNA acknowledges the need for culturally sensitive services. Their conviction lies in integrating cultural sensitivity into all aspects of health, from research to public and community health. With this vision, DNA is dedicated to equipping health professionals and communities with education, knowledge, and access to resources, fostering enriched health outcomes.

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