Nutrition for skin health:
practical tips for tricky questions

Dr Thivi Maruthappu

Wednesday 6 September 2023 20:00–21:00 BST

Nutrition for skin health:
practical tips for tricky questions

Dr Thivi Maruthappu

Wednesday 6 September 2023 20:00–21:00 BST





Nutrition and its role in skin health is an area that isn’t covered in either Nutrition and Dietetics or Dermatology training, and as a result there is a great deal of misinformation present online. This webinar explores the current evidence base on the role of nutrition in general skin and hair health, common skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and the role of the Gut-Skin Axis.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, yet most people underestimate its importance for overall health and wellbeing. However, there is a lot of interest in how what we eat can impact both skin health, and appearance.

As the UK’s only dual qualified Dermatologist and Nutritionist, Dr Thivi Maruthappu has pioneered understanding of nutrition and skin health. In this webinar, Dr Maruthappu will cover the current evidence, including novel research from her research group at King’s College London on nutrition and psoriasis.

We’ll cover:

  • The role of diet for skin and hair health
  • The emerging role of the gut-skin axis
  • Nuanced nutrition for common skin conditions such as acne
  • Supplement do’s and don’ts
    & much more!

We’re also joined by Teena Mackenzie, from the British Dermatological Nursing Group, to chair and guide discussions during the session.

Watch this webinar to:

Gain understanding of
  • The role of diet for skin and hair health
  • Nutrition for common skin conditions
  • Supplement do’s and don’ts
Be aware of
  • The emerging role of the gut-skin axis
  • How to navigate nuanced areas such as acne
  • The prevalence of restrictive eating habits amongst people with skin conditions
Be able to
  • Provide evidence-based advice for specific skin concerns
  • Identify when onwards referral to dermatology is appropriate
  • Recommend supplements with an evidence base to their use

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fruit and vegetables and wholegrain bread

Expert speaker

Dr Thivi Maruthappu MA PhD FRCP ANutr
Consultant Dermatologist, Nutritionist & Honorary Senior Lecturer
Whittington Health NHS Trust & King’s College London


Dr Thivi has pioneered the field of Nutrition and the Skin. She is the UK’s first and only dual qualified Consultant Dermatologist and Nutritionist and she is passionate about sharing evidence based nutrition for skin health. She is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s, where her research focuses on Diet and the Skin.

fruit and vegetables and wholegrain bread


Teena Mackenzie
Lead Education and Development Nurse, British Dermatological Nursing Group


Teena Mackenzie began her dermatology career in 2014 in Oxford research. Since then, she has led patient engagement leading to media and television work and developed nurse led Biologic service at the RBH. She was also PI for BADBIR and on executive panel. She has a keen interest in psychodermatology, and has completed a Psychology MSc. Teena currently leads in education and development for the British Dermatology Nursing Group, where she actively seeks opportunities for nurses, supporting career progression and development of nurse led services.

Melissa Mogor


Rosie Long
Nutrition Marketing Lead, Registered Associate Nutritionist, MyNutriWeb



This webinar is approved for CPD by the AfN

This topic will support nutrition professionals to gain wider knowledge and understanding of the role of nutrition in skin health. This is an area where there are lots of myths and old wives tales that regularly circulate on social media, often with the promotion of very expensive supplements targeted towards vulnerable individuals.

Therefore this session will aid professionals in responding to queries they may receive, by enhancing their knowledge on the strength of evidence available in this field and the role of fellow professionals they could refer onto (e.g. dermatologists).

Association for Nutrition CPD Assessor

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This webinar is being run in association with The British Dermatological Nursing Group (BDNG)

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• Reduced registration fees for educational events
• E-learning, podcasts, on demand videos
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