Pregnancy after bariatric surgery – what do we know and what should we do?

Dr Kathryn Hart

Pregnancy after bariatric surgery – what do we know and what should we do?

Dr Kathryn Hart



Part of the symposium ‘Women’s Health Across The Lifespan

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Session Outlines and Learning Objectives

About the session

Increasingly bariatric surgery is being performed in women of reproductive age, creating a new population of women and their offspring who may benefit from specialist clinical care.

Whilst some risks (associated with pregnancy complicated by obesity) are reduced after surgery other risks may emerge, including those related to nutritional inadequacy. Whist guidance for management of pregnancy does exist the evidence base is limited. This session will summarise what we know about the impact of surgery on fertility and pregnancy and optimal management of post-surgical pregnancies.

Watch this session to:


  • Population characteristics of those undergoing bariatric surgery
  • Impact of surgery on implied and demonstrated fertility
  • At risk nutrients in post-surgical pregnancy


  • Limitations of the existing evidence base for management of post-surgical reproductive function
  • Potential surgery-related risks for future pregnancies


  • Describe current best practice for monitoring and managing pregnancy post-bariatric surgery
Professor Laura Magee

Guest speaker

Dr Kathryn Hart
Senior Lecturer in Nutrition & Dietetics, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Surrey

Dr Hart is a Registered Dietitian and Senior Lecturer at the University of Surrey. Her teaching and research focus on nutrition in early life and, most recently, she has been involved in a prospective study of reproductive health after metabolic surgery (RHAMS) in conjunction with St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester.

Melissa Mogor


Dr Angela Flynn Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences, Department of Nutritional Sciences, King’s College London Dr Flynn is a Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at King’s College London. She started her career as a community pharmacist in Ireland and subsequently completed an MSc in Nutrition followed by a PhD in Maternal Nutrition at King’s College London. Her research focuses on interventions that aim to improve outcomes for women before, and during pregnancy, particularly women at risk of developing gestational diabetes. Other interests include examining the relationship between maternal micronutrient status and pregnancy outcomes.

Melissa Mogor


Dr Sara White Clinician Scientist and Maternal Diabetes Clinical Research Lead, Department of Women and Children’s Health, King’s College London and Honorary Consultant in Metabolic Medicine (Clinical Biochemistry), Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust Dr Sara White is a Metabolic Physician with clinical expertise in diabetes in pregnancy. During her PhD she investigated early pregnancy gestational diabetes (GDM) prediction and metabolic profiles amongst obese women with GDM. Her research explores GDM pathophysiology and stratification of potential subtypes, plus ways to improve outcomes in at-risk women.

Part of the symposium series:

Women’s Health Across The Lifespan


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Women’s health has received greater publicity in the last year, which has resulted in more people seeking advice and support in this area. Therefore this masterclass will support those who are practicing in this field.
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